ladies and gentlemen, I give you….

October 3, 2008

A new home.

SoulShards has moved, please be kind and update any links you may have to the new address.

I am trying to re-direct everyone to the new address automatacly.

Thank you!


I was stunned in Awe.

September 12, 2008

Seriously…… Stunned!

Can Mages tank?

Can Mages tank?

On my way home for lunch, happily link-hoping from blog post to blog post. Reading the undeniable Wrath information from wow-insider and other tidbits. After a while, I stumbled onto a blog that has cleverly eluded me for far too long.

Life of a Nin from blogger 2ndNin is Incredibly well written, it gave me goosebumps from reading it, really. I spent my entire lunch break, reading trough the blog entries.

Nothing says “Awe” like arriving late for work, with the “sorry boss, I got lost reading….” excuse. but hey, it happens.

Thank you Nin (squared) for providing me with, yet another, daily read.

a night elf eye view

September 9, 2008

Monday morning, start of the work week, and posting time for the (not so busy) weekend.

(yes I know, I couldn’t post yesterday, don’t ask me why, but I just couldn’t)

Real life took more then it’s share of my free time this weekend, from social events to home improvement, there has hardly time to play World of warcraft. Still I managed to squeeze in a few hours game time on Friday, and again some more on Sunday.

Friday was dual night, had the farm team level to 14 (Armory is too slow to update). It’s a whole new experience playing with both characters at the same time. The learning curve (I think) is really fast to get over, the options both characters provide on a Pve environment are really that good.

but,  not everything is handed down to you on  a silver plated (thank Elune, in my opinion), normal methods aren’t cutting it.


Well, for starters, the background work behind these two is much greater then on a Solo leveling session. There are quests that aren’t worth taking and others that are. Wowhead helps with the research for best routes between objectives and maximizing Experience gains.

There’s Lag, and lot’s of it! If my connection had a good stable “60-ish” ping, I’m getting close to 140 every time I play with both clients. Even worse, there seems to be some sort of “Internal lag” between both clients and the server, witch means if there’s a long “run” anywhere, Chances are your follow character will get stuck, draw aggro, or just plain old stop following you.

Sunday (yes, because Saturday didn’t exist for me) I logged with Dranzig and clobbered some ogres down in Tanaris, mashed a few yetis in Feralas and finished the cooking quest for 300 skill. leveled all the way to 52, I think I’m in a good pace with him. Bloodrazor and Shadowfang are incredible weapons. I need to get a more solid investment in Agility and strength, rather then sharing between Stamina, I think I need to set as priority the stats, going from Agility > strength > Stamina.

Outlands is a mere 6 levels away (8 if I stick arround to 60), but It’s so close that I don’t see the need for that gear change right now. the weapons will due me until later levels, so I’m not too worried about those. but I’m lackyng severeally in the critical department. well, let’s wait and see right.

Dual (singular) fun

September 1, 2008

After re-activating my second account, I started thinking on ways to take the best out of my monthly money’s worth, and start a couple of new alts to dual-box. It’s the first time I’ve tried to dual box on World of Warcraft, and let me tell you, it poses some interesting challenges!

two clients versus two machines

Two heads are better then one, same goes for the machines.

Both my laptop and my desktop handle Wow very well, even with low latency on both machines. Having the “extra” monitor to check my surroundings and to better control the 2nd character is very handy.

2x keyboards and 2x mice isn’t such a thrill. I’ve looked around for software to enable me to use just one set of controllers. Synergy and Keyclone we’re among the top searches. Synergy acts has a KVM software switcher, thus requiring two machines rather then 2 clients. Keyclone is a key-press repeater to all selected windows, Can be used with two clients or with two machines (provided that you buy a 2nd key for the second machine)

Of these two options, Keyclone is by far the best. Even considering it’s price tag, if you’re looking for a two client solution, it’s your best choice.

Class choices

I’m “Dualing” (that means two) so what are my best choices and why? (1st/2nd)

  • Warlock / Priest

Possibly the best comp for Pve and Future farming characters. They both deal Shadow damage, with a couple talents to make better use of it. One character heals, while the other tanks. Soul-freakin-stone! Crowd-Control galore. Healing options from the warlock side

  • Mage / Priest

With no tank, this comp would have to deal massive damage in short periods of time. Again a good degree of CC options. Consumables for free, reducing the mana shortage down time. Going Frost will help keep fights under control.

  • Druid / Shaman

I’ve tried this last night! Let me just tell you, this is crazy! Cross healing available, the totem buffs, mail armor healer and “Tank with your face” attitude. it’s just full of Win. Downside could be the speed reduction while leveling. So far it’s most the same on my test, but on higher levels  it can be a problem.

  • Rogue / Druid

Having a Rogue for a tank can be a dangerous idea, but provided keyclone is working properly, the 2nd character druid will have no problems keeping Heals-over-Time on the main, and still have mobility to provide off-tanking (???), some damage and even crowd-control.

  • Hunter / Priest

Same has Warlock / Priest comp. but with a twist! No shadow enhancement from the warlock, but the hunter can heal (more efficiently) his pet versus the warlock, Quick action crowd-control and sustained damage

  • Warrior / Druid

Not much to discuss, best survivability, worse leveling time is my bet. Tank and spank 99%  of the time.

  • Warrior / Shaman

Same has above, not so high on surviving but still very good.

All comps, are “same race” possibility’s witch makes leveling easier from the start. The test I made on Druid/Shaman were, if nothing else, hilarious and I had a good feel about the duet of healing, I’m looking forward to trying out the Warlock / Priest.


Installed and updated (kinda) Dual-box toolkit. The icing on the cake, whispers are forwarded to the main character, and follow action can be reset without having to Alt-Tab (or switch). coupled with another set of Crafting add-ons, there’s an eminent tradesman user interface coming up.


The best choice, regardless of the classes used, would be to have your main be a dual gatherer and your 2nd be a Tradesman. (keep at mail box distance a third character for bank/Auction house trading). On the Warlock/Priest duo, I’m considering putting tailoring/Enchanting on the Priest (2nd) and having the warlock be a “farm-hog” and have Mining/Skinning to make some bucks.

Priest provides gear upgrades, and bag space, while the Auction house sale of ore’s and leathers raises the bank account for the lvl30 mount and such.

Absent, but not quite…

August 29, 2008

No I didn’t get a Beta key, or anything of the sort, I did however get some MAJOR work done around my guild and personal wow-life.

First things first, right?

I’ve, finally, conviced a family member to try out Wow. After months of debating about “childish graphics”, “poor gaming experience” and “gaming atmosphere”, he finally craked and promptly started the Painful track to install/Patch wow.

He asked me to start a character with him so we could “dual” our way trough content. Help him I shall, and it will be great. I wont be bothered about class selection, since it’s his first ever wow character, but also because, no mater what he chooses, I will choose a good solid complement to his character so we can blaze faster and safer. Hopefully we will have 2 high level characters (maybe not 70 yet) to play with before “The Rash” comes out!

But not all of this are sweet news, oh no…

  • My country isn’t eligible for Recruit-a-friend program ( /sadpanda) so no Zebra mount/free levels for me
  • He’s reluctant on account fees (Means I’m paying for is account – actually my 2nd account)
  • Another Alt (this is going 4thehorde very fast)

On guild News….yay!

I’ve started recruiting into <Star Shards>, Dranzig is level 50, Black rock is an inch away, so it makes sence to start gathering players to fill the roster!

Long term goal form <Star Shards> would be to get enough guildies to be able to do outlands instances with the minimum of pugging possible. Let’s see…